May 8, 2012


It was a challenging and exciting year for our District 5 Executive Board and the District as a whole! From battling rain, sleet and snow in Adobowl @ UDel, to the memorable D5 Valentine Formal, to hosting the epic 20th Anniversary FIND Spring Conference 2012, and finishing off the year strong with USci PCA’s 1st BARRIO and the D5 2-Day Extravaganza featuring Adobowl and E-Board Elections. 

Congrats to our newly elected (and reelected) District 5 Executive Board!

Jennifer Ho
Will Killing

Dave Monowanaluki

Judy Lam

Gerre-Mae Barcebal

Public Relations
Erick Enriquez
Jaypee Custodio

National Directors
Steven DagYo
Makka Flakka Gonzillius

National Director Proxy
Jericho Cruzado

Also, please give a round of applause to our former Co-Chairs, Joy Mantilla and Maegan Casem, and Secretary Toni Logro! It was a great year and it was an honor to have them serve on the District 5 E-Board!!

see the photos from  events on the District 5 Facebook group —> here <—

Shout out to all the D5 member schools! Drexel, Temple, UPenn, USci, CCP, PSU, TCNJ, La Salle and UDel!!

Best of luck to those still in classes and happy summer to those who are finished for the year!!!
Maybe we can get together for a BBQ or beach trip ;) 

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